Recruiting Talent
Airports Company South Africa has much to offer passionate, entrepreneurial self-starters in terms of growth, learning and personal development. We believe our people are our single most important resource. We only recruit people who share our business values.

It is our mission to attract, engage, acquire, integrate and develop people who have the appropriate attitude, innovation, passion and who are also entrepreneurially focused on sales and service. The appointment of employees is an investment in the future of both Airports Company South Africa and the individual. While applicants are subject to rigorous recruitment and selection practices, our processes remain fair, equitable and consistent.

Hiring decisions are not only based on current skills, but on future capabilities and culture fit. This approach means that training, mentorship, coaching and leadership development interventions feature high on our list of priorities and enable Airports Company South Africa to reach unrivalled levels of expertise in their chosen fields.

A career at Airports Company South Africa offers a myriad of possibilities:
•Lateral and upward growth opportunities
•An environment conducive to continuous learning
•Management and specialised career paths based on our competency model
•A full range of insurance and value-added products

The Airports Company South Africa Employee - Employer Value Proposition captures those elements of employment that is important to our people and the business:
•I belong (there is a place for me)
•I contribute (I am valued as a person)
•I enjoy (benefits I receive)
•I grow (opportunities for me to develop)